VIVES Azulejos y Gres is a leading european manufacturer of innovative ceramic products for floor, wall, porcelain and special pieces, VIVES is characterized by their constant concern for progress and their effort for satisfying the most demanding needs of the market, Vives create high quality ceramic products with a trendy design. We are able to meet the architectural design requirements and to create elegant, avant-garde and exclusive settings.


VIVES produce both wall and floors tiles and we are really popular thanks to our daring and original designs, offering all kind of looks, from wood, concrete, stone, up to encaustic patterns.


This exclusive brand is recognized worldwide for their extense catalog of new lines of design, their unmatchable quality and quality of service, being present in renowned projects.


At Grof we are proud of our partnership with VIVES and we encourage homeowners, designers, architects, retailers and developers to meet our brand and to evaluate options to work with VIVES in your upcoming projects.


Find more information visiting; www.vivesceramica.com